Massachusetts Pistol Permit/Firearms Safety Class For MA or out of State Residents 

This course is approved by The MA State Police for the application of obtaining a MA Pistol Permit.  

Upon completion of this course you will be able to apply to your local municipality (if you are a MA resident) or the MA Department of Public Safety (if you are an out of state resident).

This is approximately 3 hrs of classroom followed by a live fire at the range.  MA does not require live fire however, we believe that in order to truly understand and respect firearms we have  every student shoot a revolver and a semi-automatic firearm.  

In the class we discuss MA laws pertaining to carry, transportation, use of force and a host of other topics that will give you the confidence you need when you leave.  

  • $60 - Per student
  • $30 - If you have previously attended the CT class with NETT Academy

Visit our Calendar for MA Class Dates.  Some of our dates include both certificates.  If you are only looking to for one state you may sign up for the class and take the test specific for the state you are seeking a certificate from.  If you already have a CT permit and are seeking a MA certificate than there is no live fore portion to complete.