Connecticut Pistol Permit/Firearms Safety Course


This safety course has been approved by The Connecticut Department of Public Safety Special Licensing and Firearms Unit. 

This course is required in order to apply for your Connecticut:

  • 60 Day Temp State Pistol Permit
  • Non-Resident State Pistol Permit
  • Eligibility Certificate to Purchase Pistols/Revolvers
  • Eligibility Certificate to Purchase Long Guns

The correct form required to apply for your permit or certificate is a DPS-799-C.  During the class we help you fill out the form and explain how the application process may differ slightly from town to town.  We are available for questions and assistance throughout the application process should you need it.

The CT DPS states “You are required to complete a handgun safety course, which must consist of no less than the NRA's "Basic Pistol Course," prior to submitting the application."

This Pistol Permit Class far exceeds the “of no less than” NRA’s nationwide “Basic Pistol Course”.  NE Tactical Training Academy uses an approved lesson plan by the CT Department of Public Safety that is mandated to teach topics such as Use of Force, Connecticut General Statutes, transporting, home storage, etc.  These topics are not included in the NRA's curriculum because they are not taught on an individual state by state basis.  This leaves the student at a disadvantage once the course is over and they have to seek additional information about their state laws on their own.  Our lesson plan meets a higher standard, teaching firearms laws that are more informative, building the students confidence for concealed carry.

The training and experiences of our staff allow us to interject a wide variety of topics and techniques that you will find useful and may experience after you receive your permit and begin to carry a firearm. Our instructors offer a relaxed and enjoyable learning atmosphere with hands on classroom applications of revolvers and semi-autos.  This is done to ensure each student becomes confident practicing safe handling of the firearms  prior to shooting at the range and completing the live fire portion of the course. This practice is also a great time to ask for suggestions on a firearm that might fit your needs once you obtain your permit.

You will receive your certificate the SAME day of the live fire which is what you will need to submit with your application for your permit or certificate.

Cost per student:

Pre-register:        $120.00

Day of the class: $125.00

Groups of 4 or more:  $110 per student

Groups of 8 or more:  $100 per student

To pre-register for a class you will need to return a Student Information Form to us within 1 (one) business day of any scheduled class.   To obtain a student application, please use the form below and be sure to include the date of the class you wish to attend and the number of students that will be attending.  Classes are filled on a first come first served basis.

 For information on your eligibility to obtain a permit or certificate click here!

Pistol Permit Application link provided (DPS-799-C)