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In CT and MA, the NRA isn't the only authorized firearms safety training available to the public,  You have a better choice!

Who We Are...

NE Tactical Training Academy is comprised of professional instructors that have successfully completed a rigorous 2 week firearms training program developed and hosted by the CT POST Academy (see page 53, John Viscomi). Some members have attended the CT Capitol Region of Governments basic SWAT School and have assisted with the yearly training that the academy holds for state wide SWAT School Students.  Our instructors have experience teaching law enforcement a wide variety of techniques and tactics helpful in ANY use of force situation. All of our instructors are registered with CT POSTC and have completed courses such as advanced tactical firearms, rifle instructor courses, OC, Baton, and defensive tactics such as handgun retention techniques.  As a retired LEO,I have founded the Academy as a full time venture to educate the general public, current pistol permit holders and future permit holders basic and advanced firearms skills and to instill a positive, confident and winning mindset.

What Makes Our Training Better?



We offer a non-standardized lesson plan.  The other major safety association (NRA) has a nationwide standard safety lesson plan. This is exactly what you get, a STANDARD SAFETY course!  Safety is a small fraction of the information regarding firearms that you NEED before and after you get your permit.  Every state has different carry, transportation, storage, and magazine capacity laws just to name a few.  With a nationwide lesson plan for safety that is ALL you are going to get.  Our lesson plan was submitted and approved by the Connecticut Department of Public Safety.  The CT DPS holds much stricter guidelines for these lesson plans from individual entities such as NETT Academy than it does from the NRA. With that being said we teach EVERYTHING else including safety because we are mandated to do so.  For example, do you know what Use of Force is? Do you have questions like “where can I carry”? Or “what do I do if I want to transport my firearm to a range in another state”?  Do you know what “duty to inform is” in CT regarding firearms? What is "A Castle Doctrine"?  These are basic questions that the other entity doesn’t and can't cover because it is not in their lesson plan.

The NRA has recently changed their format to be conducted online, that is correct, an online safety course! Really? What if I have questions or want to learn firsthand how to load or clear a malfunction, well you have to wait to pass the written test, contact a range instructor and get to the range. In our one day course you will manipulate the firearms in the classroom, learn Use of Force, Connecticut General Statutes, legal liabilities, laws pertaining to transporting firearms as well as assistance with the application process, and much more.  To the students means that you are getting a more specific lesson plan geared to the state you reside in.

Why Choose Us?

Our training and experiences get passed along to the student so you will be better prepared should you ever encounter a deadly force situation.  When you are looking to get a driver's license do you go to a car dealer? No you go to a driver's education program that specializes in drivers education.  The same mindset should apply with something as important as carrying a firearm for the protection of  yourself and your family! Get specialized instruction from an all inclusive professional training group.  Before you sign up for another class, ask them what their class covers?  What type of training has your instructor received (a two day course)?  I hear people all the time say, "my instructor was great!"   My response "your instructor probably was great but was he able to teach you EVERYTHING you needed to leave feeling confident about concealed carry"? Or did he teach you the BASICS from a nationwide lesson plan?  We are here to give you the mindset, knowledge, and confidence ensuring the highest standards of  a safe environment all while enjoying your day of training!

We are your best choice for a firearms safety course and all other related training from Mindset to Skillset!

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