This is your first step in the process of obtaining a Connecticut Pistol Permit or a Massachusetts LTC (License to Carry)

Start by gathering information about your firearms safety training and the process you will need to follow.
Things you should know about the process in Connecticut for your Pistol Permit:
  1.  First and foremost, the initial training you get should be the most inclusive and specific to the state that you reside in. 
  2. The NRA is NOT the only approved course for this content, in fact it offers the least amount of information required by CT.
  3. You should know that the NRA course is taught exactly the same in Michigan as it is in Florida as it is in CT.  DO you think the laws in all the states regarding firearms is the same? Far from it! 
  4. Compare the NRA class that teaches:  Safety, Fundamentals, Nomenclature
  5. NETT Academy must cover:  Safety, Fundamentals,Nomenclature, Use of Force, Transporting, Legal Liabilities, and CT Laws and General Statutes as mandated by the State Police and Special Firearms Licensing Unit. 
  6.  Find out if you are eligible by going to CT Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection. 
  7. You must complete a Firearms Safety Course that has been approved by the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection.  There is a written test and the course must include the live fire of a pistol and revolver.  There is no qualification, instructors are looking for safe and proper handling and shooting techniques you have learned from the class.
  8. You will obtain a certificate from the course you attend.  The police department in the town you reside in is where you will bring your notarized application, your certificate, and 3 checks.  They will conduct the fingerprinting and the background investigation.  If your town has a Resident Trooper, they will be the one to do your printing and background.  For Connecticut residents you can download the CT application here.  
  9. OUT of STATE RESIDENTS will need to complete a safety course also.  If you have a permit from another state, CT will only accept a safety course approved by CT.  You will need to have an application mailed to you by calling the number on the website CT Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection.  In this instance, they will mail out fingerprint cards which you will have to have complete and then mail back to them. 
  10. For Pistol Permit applicants you will check the "60 Temporary Permit" box on the top left portion of page 1 of the of the application. This means that you have 60 Days  from the time the municipality that you applied to calls and tells you to come pick it up. You will need to bring it to one of theses three locations (PDF) within that 60 days and you will then be issued a statewide permit that will be valid for 5 years. 


Q:  How old do I have to be to get my Connecticut or Massachusetts Pistol Permit ?

A: 21 years old for your permit.

Q:  Can I take the course if I am not 21 yo?

A: Yes, if you are 18  you are welcome to take the Safety Course and receive a certificate, if you attend the course with a parent or guardian you must be 16 but will not receive a certificate.  I will ask that when you turn 18 you return for a refresher course to obtain a certificate. 

A:  Why would I take the class if I am not able to obtain a Pistol Permit?

Q:  In Connecticut you are eligible to obtain a Long Gun Certificate.  This will allow the holder to purchase rifles and ammo for the purpose of hunting.  Note:  This course is NOT approved for your hunting license, they are two different things.  I encourage parents to have their children (16+) to join the class for basic safety principles as well as safe handling practices.  The time and cost could be well worth it in the long run.

Q:  How long does it take to obtain the 60 Permit from the Town/City/Resident Trooper?

A:  If you are approved the average current wait time is 8-10 weeks.  You will get a call from the municipality to come pick up your permit, this is when the 60 day countdown begins and you will need to get to one of the three places to get your state permit.  If you do not go within the 60 window your temp permit will expire and you will need to start the process from the beginning.  

Q:  What else is my local municipality (police department/Resident Trooper) going to need from me to apply ?

A:  Each Police Department is different and may have different requirements.  At a minimum, a certificate from an approved class and Instructor, the application, 3 separate checks, and fingerprints (to be taken by the department you applied to). 

Q:  How long is your certificate valid for?

A:  Certificates (per CGS's do not expire) however, each Chief Authority of the Municipality that you are applying to reserves the right to set their  own time limit on an expiration. For example, Suffield Police Department will honor it for (3) three years and Enfield Police Department has a (1) one year from issue date expiration.  You will need to ask when you get your initial information. 

Q:  How do I know you are approved to teach this class and I am not spending money unnecessarily?

A:  During the class I hand out copies of my companies credentials to provide to any department that may question them.  you can also call the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection to verify my lesson plan is on file and that it approved for the purposes of obtaining a pistol permit.  If you choose to call the lesson plan is under my name (John Viscomi), they will ask.  The CT Police Academy (POSTC) can also verify the credentials of any of the instructors here at NETT Academy.  As for Massachusetts the same applies except for the Police Academy, the State Police will have proof of my credentials on file as I have copies of their approval.

Q:  What if I live in Massachusetts and want my CT Pistol Permit? Or I live in Connecticut and want my MA carry permit, does your Academy teach the class I need?

A:  Yes we have lessons plans for out of state residents for both state permits.

Q:  What if I sign up for a class and I have to cancel?

A:  I will hold your deposit for 60 days, within this time it is your responsibility to sign up for another date, after 60 days your deposit is forfeited.

Q:  Do I need to have my permit to sign up for advanced instruction?

A:  No, if you have taken a basic safety class with us in the past I will be happy to have you for advanced instruction even if you don't have your permit yet. We are confident that you have a good safety foundation from our academy to work with you.  If you have not had a basic safety class we cannot do advanced classes regardless of prior experience.  If you sign up for advanced class or instruction there will be a 15 min evaluation prior to the beginning of the instruction.  Any safety or fundamental issues evaluated by the instructor will be worked on during the remainder of the one hour session if needed.  

For the answer to any other questions please email us at or call us at 860-803-5596